I pull through Stubb Stewart State Park’s Dairy Creek West campground and I see no one. I see what looks to be a parking lot for recreational vehicles. Cyclone. Avalanche. Raptor. Hornet. Voltage. Hurricane. Outlaw. Outback. Razorback. Komfort. Mountain Aire. Chateau. Bullet. Cougar. Arctic Fox. Road Warrior. Thor. Aerolite. Denali. Fun Finder. Thor has a three-legged stand out front, holding a large DirectTv® satellite. The tripod is pinned to the ground with yellow hi-vis twine tied to orange plastic stakes. Why is Mountain Aire’s “aire” spelled with an “e,” I wonder? And why is Aerolite missing the “g” and the …


HEADLANDS is a creepy, 3-part photography project I shot upon moving to the Great Northwest. Basically, it gave me an excuse to do a lot of hiking and call it “location scouting.”


We’re rich!  The check arrived today! The Immune System project won the College Board’s 2011 Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts! (See the original announcement here). Here’s a sort of THANK YOU video Emmert’s multimedia class made today and sent to the Board.


Most photographers have got to fight hard for a chance to hang out with Wieden & Kennedy’s executive creative director John Jay.  I got paid to.  Nice! Read the article here.


We won the College Board’s 2011 Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts! “The selection committee was very impressed with how the program connects students with their community and with professional artists,” said College Board Coordinator Erica Selah. “The Immune System is a testament to the kind of positive impact that high expectations for all students can have on their learning.” The College Board has issued Heritage High School a $3,000 monetary award to support the continuation of the program, and Mr. Emmert was invited to speak at the College Board’s Annual Forum in San Francisco. Quothe the Evergreen …


Immune System contributors, and my J466 “Visual Storytelling” students at University of Oregon this quarter.  As photographed by me.


MIX Magazine gave me a chance to hang out with Martha Holmberg (one of my favorite people in town) and eat a bunch of slow-cooked awesomeness.  Oh, and I took some photographs, too. Read the article here.  I’m on record as being “a glue-eater.”


HHS AP Photo class took a field trip to UO for a personalized tour of the School of Journalism & Communication and the Department of Art. Thanks to Dr. Julianne Newton, my hero!


I hung out with Portland band PINK MARTINI for a day, and photographed frontman Thomas Lauderdale’s amazing downtown studio for The Wall Street Journal. See the article online here.


It’s so incredible I almost can’t believe it’s true. Adobe held a WORLDWIDE photo competition for young people, with the theme CRISIS & HOPE—and of the 44 winners internationally, EIGHT of them are MY STUDENTS! The winning photos will travel the world in an exhibit, and be published in a book due out later this year. To find out more about this terrific program by, visit Adobe Youth Voices.