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On a scale unprecedented in human history, the media communicates cultural values, dictates gender norms, and tells us who we can and cannot be. The collective message that seeps into our subconscious is that women’s value lies primarily in youth, beauty and sexuality. As a result, both men and women have a limited understanding of who women are and what women can be, leading to the under-representation of women in key leadership roles and skyrocketing levels of eating disorders, sexual assault, cosmetic surgery, and exploitative pornography. In this climate of dangerous stereotypes and rigid gender roles, women are rarely seen …


Most teenagers like to hang out with friends, go to after school jobs or anything to take up the time you have to think about homework. Gabe Morales, a senior at Heritage, brings after school activities to a whole new level –using kerosene. He has a passion for Fire Poi— a type of fire dancing. It was the summer of junior year when he first heard of this new hobby. A friend from his wrestling club mentioned it to him and advised him to try it. Gabe was intrigued to start so he bought a starter kit and went to …


HEADLANDS is a creepy, 3-part photography project I shot upon moving to the Great Northwest. Basically, it gave me an excuse to do a lot of hiking and call it “location scouting.”


Students Elliot Taylor and Haylee Sheppard went to Mr. Weaver’s astronomy event last week in the HHS field.


“One day, as I was crouched with my camera in hand over Spilled Soda on the Sidewalk Smiley (right), a man came along and asked, ‘What in the world are you talking a picture of?’ I showed him the Smiley. He smiled. I smiled. He went on his way. About two minutes later, he came running back in my direction. ‘Quick! Bring your camera! I found one.’ -Ruth Kaiser Thus the Spontaneous Smiley Project was born. Over the past years, HHS students have donated thousands of dollars to charity…just by seeing all sorts of stuff smiling at us. Here’s some …


The Kingdom of Blackspire is the local division of Ampt Guard—comprised of roughly twenty adventurers (including HHS students Zachary Hines and Harrison Bardwell) that meet weekly at Orchards Park. They come armed with their own foam weapons and amazing imaginations to try to overthrow Clayton, a sixteen-year-old Champion Over All. LARPing began around 1970, and was inspired by tabletop live action games and other fantasy-genre fiction. For an hour or two people get to be somebody else, doing stuff that they usually wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do. Most of the weapons are made by the LARPers themselves and are recognizable as …


Sometimes dates don’t go as you plan. Ethan Cole decided to share his date disaster with us. Happy Valentine’s Day, and better luck next time, man. “We arrive at the movies. I buy the tickets and snacks. I’m starting to feel good on how this date is going, and about 15 minutes in, I stopped paying attention to the movie because I’m focusing on trying to pull a move. I won’t lie, I was nervous. I raise my hand to do the classic yawn-move and right at that moment I’m turned around halfway and I see my date’s mom is …


We’re rich!  The check arrived today! The Immune System project won the College Board’s 2011 Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts! (See the original announcement here). Here’s a sort of THANK YOU video Emmert’s multimedia class made today and sent to the Board.


Most photographers have got to fight hard for a chance to hang out with Wieden & Kennedy’s executive creative director John Jay.  I got paid to.  Nice! Read the article here.


We won the College Board’s 2011 Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Arts! “The selection committee was very impressed with how the program connects students with their community and with professional artists,” said College Board Coordinator Erica Selah. “The Immune System is a testament to the kind of positive impact that high expectations for all students can have on their learning.” The College Board has issued Heritage High School a $3,000 monetary award to support the continuation of the program, and Mr. Emmert was invited to speak at the College Board’s Annual Forum in San Francisco. Quothe the Evergreen …


Immune System contributors, and my J466 “Visual Storytelling” students at University of Oregon this quarter.  As photographed by me.


Bryce Baxter’s (Age 16) “Importance of Art in Education” received Honorable Mention in the Washington State Board of Education student video contest!

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Immune Media’s Questions for Brian Padian 1.You have an MFA in Screen-writing from AFI. Did you start out as a screenwriter or as a filmmaker? I always wanted to be a filmmaker but I started as a screenwriter. I thought that screenwriting would lead me to the filmmaking if you follow that. My plan was to move to Los Angeles and – much like John Sayles – get hired by studios to do script-doctoring on big-budget studio films and then use the money to make my own tiny independent films. In retrospect that plan makes me laugh as it has …